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Access Control Systems

Manage visitors and protect vulnerable locations.

Safety and security are vital to your organization. Access Control Systems are your first line of protection.

With a commercial security system installed by Staley Technologies, you’ll be able to:

  • Safely monitor and restrict building entrances.
  • Secure specific rooms within your facility.
  • Integrate with IP surveillance cameras and video intercom.
  • Maintain a welcoming environment for visitors and employees.


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Choosing the right Access Control Solution

Our user-friendly products are customized for your needs.

Access Control Card and FobPhysical access control is the cornerstone of your commercial security system. Staley Technologies offers a variety of integrated solutions for northeast Ohio facilities. These include door locks, IP cameras, video intercoms, and data collection.

Manage employee access with a fob or keycard, and efficiently authorize visitors from a safe, remote location. We also equip you with information, such as time-stamped screenshots, that help you respond effectively to incidents.

Our Services

  • Security Consultation: We take time to learn about your facility, your budget, and your challenges, so we can recommend the most effective solutions.
  • Access Control System Installation: From small offices to large institutions, count on us for a professional and efficient installation process.
  • System Integration: We can combine multiple technologies to provide you with a unified, user-friendly commercial security system.
  • Service: Receive expert support for all of your communications and security needs with a single phone call to our local offices.


Our team is here to walk you through the options that best fit your needs. Request a consultation to learn ho we can be your partner for a complete building security solution.

Access Control Features

  • Door entry
  • Card Access
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Video Intercom
  • Automatic Openers
  • Access Logging
  • IP Camera Integration
  • Electric Strikes
  • Mag Locks
  • Key Fob
  • Proximity Cards/Readers
  • Delayed Egress


Your Commercial Security Partner

We provide scalable solutions, so you can secure a single room or an entire campus.

Staley Technologies installs access control systems for a wide range of facilities, including schools, offices, churches, hospitals, factories, and commercial buildings. With locations in North Canton, New Philadelphia, and Wooster, we provide reliable service for businesses and organizations across northeast Ohio.

Access Control System Applications

  • Access control systems for schools and daycares allow administrators to protect children and teachers by controlling visitor traffic during school hours. Office staff can grant or block entry to the building from a safe location. You’ll also be able to prevent the loss of valuable assets, such as computers and lab equipment, by restricting access to individual rooms.
  • For medical facilities, access control technology provides security for patients and staff, protects client privacy, and prevents theft of medication or equipment. Allow your staff to control the flow of patients throughout your building, and only give the appropriate personnel access to sensitive locations.
  • Businesses, factories, and municipal buildings use physical access control systems to efficiently manage the flow of visitors and employees. Restrict points of entry to those with key card access, and always keep track of who is inside your facility.


Our clients rely on us to simplify their operations by integrating multiple communications, safety, and security technologies. Contact us to learn more.

Staley is a Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined partner, creating integrated and intelligent security ecosystems that allow people to work together safely and efficiently.

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