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Customized technologies that improve your operations

We source the most effective products from leading manufacturers and put them to work for you. Partner with us for a wide range of technologies within your facilities, throughout your property, and on your personnel.

Where We Work

With more than sixty years of experience, we’ve provided safety, security, and communications systems for a variety of public and private organizations. See why administrators, operations managers, and first responders partner with us for smart solutions that keep their teams safe and connected.

Improve the way your organization protects people, secures assets, and shares information.

Clients across northeast Ohio partner with us for technologies that put them in control  –  two-way radios, surveillance and security, emergency response, and business communications.

On Your Property

Monitor sensitive locations, manage events, improve public safety, and communicate over long distances.

At Your Doorstep

Restrict access to your facilities by authorizing employees and visitors.

Throughout Your Facility

Protect people and assets, and drive efficiency across your operations with video, voice, and analytical solutions.

In Your Vehicle Fleet

Stay in touch with your drivers, protect valuables,  and maintain a record of all incidents.

With Your Team

Access critical information and communicate clearly with powerful voice and data technology.

Our Technology Partners

We are a Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined partner, creating integrated and intelligent security ecosystems that allow people to work together safely and efficiently.

Let's Connect.

Our user-friendly systems will move you toward your goals. Discover why we are a trusted partner for both small teams and complex organizations.