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Fire & EMS

Radio and data systems for first responders

In an emergency situation, everything can change in an instant. Your technologies have to be just as fast.

In a burning building, you need to be able to communicate with the push of a button. Emergency calls have to reach you wherever you’re at. And the assets on your squad or in your station must be protected.   

With more than 60 years of experience, Staley Technologies can equip your fire station or dispatch center with advanced technology, so you can respond to emergencies safely, quickly and effectively.   

From two-way radios and station alerting to security and surveillance systems, we understand the importance of having tools you can rely on. With our vast product line, we’ll work with you to create a unified communications system that’s manageable, efficient, and scalable for future needs.  

When you need service or support, you can be confident that our team will show up and put our expertise to work.  

Integrated Solutions

We design systems that help you to seamlessly share information, protect your people and work efficiently.

Staley is a Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined partner, creating integrated and intelligent security ecosystems that allow people to work together safely and efficiently.

Staley has you covered.

Intuitive Safety Procedures

Improved Efficiencies

Scalability to Meet 
Your Future Needs