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How Technology Can Help Administrators Keep Facilities Safe 

A suspicious individual is seen near a maintenance building. A disgruntled parent pulls into the office parking lot. A would-be intruder approaches the school doors. These are just a few of the potential security threats that school administrators must be prepared for each day. The good news is that technology is continuing to make it easier for you to protect students, staff, and assets. 

Here are 3 ways Staley Technologies can help you manage school safety and security. 

 1. Customized access control systems for schools 

Physical access control is a crucial aspect of any school security plan. 

Whether you need to secure a single entrance or dozens of doors throughout your district, we’ll equip you with a system that is reliable and easy to manage. You’ll have the ability to control door locks from a central location or remotely manage access from a laptop or smart device. 

Even better, our scalable and flexible solutions can be extended or modified as your needs change. For example, you can configure your system to provide different levels of authorization. You may want to give all staff access to building entrances but limit authorization for rooms that store equipment, technology, or supplies.    

School administrators are also able to maintain a record of access events to better manage their workforce and respond to incidents. Customized reporting helps you identify patterns and potential security risks. Alerts or alarms offer an extra layer of security when unauthorized access attempts are made.

2. Choosing the right school security cameras

Educational facilities are often targets for theft, vandalism, and violence. Security cameras help school administrators deter potential criminals, provide evidence if a crime occurs, monitor student behavior, and give parents peace of mind.  

Types of school security cameras include:

  • Dome cameras: Good for wide-angle, short-range views such as hallways and rooms.
  • Bullet Cameras: Best for long-range, outdoor views such as school grounds.
  • Multisensor  Cameras: Best for parking lot polls or building corners where up to 360° views are needed.

When selecting your security camera solution, it’s critical to consider a variety of factors including: quality of video, the location of the cameras (outdoor or indoor), storage and accessibility of files, integration with existing security systems, and ease of use.

3) Integrated communication technologies 

In addition to commercial security systems, we are your partner for a wide range of school emergency communication technology. 

Whether you’re responding to an active shooter or a weather event,  you need to be able to communicate quickly and clearly. Tools such as text alerts, PA systems, mass alert systems, and Motorola two-way radios can help you get essential information to students, teachers, and parents.

We specialize in integrating all of your communication and security technologies to provide you with one, comprehensive solution. As a result, you can better monitor activity, view real-time data, and make informed decisions. 

Contact us to discuss how Staley Technologies can design a school or daycare security system that meets your needs.

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