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As technology continues to improve, schools are looking for new solutions and products that help the day to day operations. Staley Technologies provides many solutions for problems schools face. Communication and security are two of the most important aspects to any of these problems.

Two-way radios can be used for day to day communication between staff. The system can also be used to provide mass communication and emergency alerting across a school district. Instantly notifying staff can help response time in an emergency. Alarms can be triggered simply by speaking over a district wide channel or with the integration of panic buttons into the system.

Many schools have problems with in-building public safety communication. BDAs are a way of boosting the radio signal for public safety. Having communication available for first responders is very important in any situation.

PA systems are another method of mass notification. These can be used for daily announcements as well as alerting alarms to all areas of a school. School PA systems can be linked to allow district wide communication when needed.

Camera systems allow constant monitoring of school grounds and video playback after an incident. It is also possible to share the video feeds with public safety so they can login during an incident and have real time views of all areas of a school.

Access control is another form of school security. These ID badge systems can limit access to areas that the public should not reach. It is important to lockdown areas that only certain people should be in. These systems also provide a log so you can see who entered which areas at the exact times.

These systems are all important to the operations and safety of a school. Contact us today to see how we can help in any of these areas.

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