Public Safety

Staley Technologies has been providing our customers with business communication solutions since 1960. Our product line has expanded and we continue to offer great service. Staley Technologies was built with the customer being our first priority. Our reliable staff is eager to help your business in any way possible.


Unication pagers now provide paging over a P25 network. P25 paging can allow a department to retire all UHF or VHF equipment when transitioning to a P25 system. This will help save costs while providing a reliable paging system. Paging bases can also provide audio and alerting to a station alerting system. This allows the message to be broadcasted through the station to increase response time.


Staley Technologies provides Motorola P25 radios that operate on the statewide MARCS system. Interoperability is extremely important in an emergency situation. The P25 standards provide capability for different agencies to communicate together. The MARCS system provides infrastructure for all agencies to meet their communication needs. Portables, mobiles, and in-car repeaters provide a complete solution.

Body Cameras

Motorola SI500 Body Camera and their Digital Evidence Management System provide a complete solution. The body camera also acts as the portable radio speaker mic. These can be configured to be used as bluetooth or the traditional cabled method. The DEMS also provides a cloud based system to manage all footage and evidence. This provides an easily organized system to expedite requests for footage. Pre-configured tags set automatic retention policies to make managing storage easier.

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