Manufacturing Communication Systems

In today’s manufacturing and warehousing operations you require robust technology solutions that can overcome challenges and create efficiency in day-to-day operations, while securing your building and keeping your employees safe.

Unified technology is continuing to help manufacturers increase uptime, monitor operations and make faster, more informed decisions. 

While improvements in digital two-way radios for manufacturing are cutting through the noise of the factory floor, familiar tools such as text messaging are helping workers share information more effectively. 

As your single-source provider for manufacturing communication systems, Staley assists you with everything from network reliability to the latest equipment and devices. That means service and support for all of your communications technology is a single phone call away. 

The factory of the future will require organizations to more nimbly respond to change while continuously improving safety and efficiency. We’re here to help you lead the way.


1. Two-Way Radio

Improve real-time information sharing with Motorola two-way radios for manufacturing. 

2. Station Alerting

Connect your manufacturing operations with first responders for faster incident response. 

3. Network Infrastructure

Improve communication and collaboration throughout your facilities with robust manufacturing network infrastructure. 

4. Phone Systems

Easily communicate between multiple manufacturing locations and provide responsive customer service.   

5. PA – Public Address

Reach your workers quickly and effectively with our PA systems for manufacturers.

6. Access Control

Authorize all visitors to your facilities with 24/7 access control.

7. Surveillance Systems

Keep an eye on every corner of your manufacturing operations to better protect people and property.

8. Cell Phone and Radio Boosters

Maintain clear communications with your manufacturing personnel over long distances. 

Staley Has You Covered

We have helped many other law enforcement organizations and municipalities implement systems that allow for:

Clear and effective communication

Improved efficiencies

Scalability to meet your future needs

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Staley Technologies provides multi-faceted solutions to help your operation run safely, smoothly, and efficiently.

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