Staley Technologies has been providing our customers with business communication solutions since 1960. Our product line has expanded and we continue to offer great service. Staley Technologies was built with the customer being our first priority. Our reliable staff is eager to help your business in any way possible.


Safety is the #1 concern in all manufacturing settings. Communication is paramount to ensuring employee safety and responding to incidents. Two-Way radios and indoor warning are great solutions. Workers in remote areas can now stay in touch with office personnel or floor supervisors. In the case of an emergency they can easily contact the right people or be contacted to know what is going on in the rest of the facility.

Camera Systems

Video systems provide another great safety or production feature to the manufacturing industry. Video systems allow real time monitoring to see areas of the plant that may be blocked off from other’s view. This can help quickly identify a safety concern or accident.

Camera systems can also be used to watch important parts of production. Operators can see their machine operate in real time and provide points of view that would not be capable without a remote camera. Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras allow the operator to focus on an exact part of the process to ensure quality and consistency.

Phone Systems

Phone systems are critical to all business operations. Having a reliable phone system is a must. Telephone interconnect allows a tie-in between the phone system and radio system. This is another failsoft for critical communication. The phone system tie in will also allow a radio user to place a call to an extension or outside number.

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