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As in all settings communication is extremely important in an education setting. Having building or campus-wide communications can help schools be prepared for an emergency. Two-Way radios allow for announcing an intruder and enacting safety protocols.

Camera Systems

Camera systems provide multiple benefits to school systems. During an emergency situation the cameras can allow real-time monitoring. This can also be provided to local law enforcement so they can assess the emergency before arriving on scene. They also allow for playback of any incident that occurred. This can provide proof of an incident instead of relying on a story of what happened.

Paging Systems

In addition to having access to two-way radios paging systems can help alert an entire school or school district. This can be used for anything ranging from morning announcements to disaster alerting. IP connections between schools can also allow district wide announcements or alerting. Everyone being aware of a situation is critical. PA systems can be an important link to solving those problems.

Access Control

A key card or key fob system adds convenience and security to any school. As schools continue to grow and use outside buildings access control can provide an additional layer of security. A log provides history of who entered a building or room. This increases accountability and integrates to a camera system to track time and movements of person.

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