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A Regional gas company called us looking for a solution that would give them the ability to watch and record unmanned fuel stations and distribution locations across the state of Ohio and Midwest Region due to security concerns and Federal regulations. Winters in the Midwest can be brutal so the cameras needed to be outdoor rated and also needed to have the ability to record locally but be viewed remotely at the same time.

Staley Technologies designed a Geovision, digital IP, outdoor, artic camera solution with a Recording Server and Control Center software. This system records locally and also comes back to the Main Office for observation. It gives their Managers the ability to view live in their office or remotely on their phone or tablet.

The customer is so ecstatic with the high quality digital images and the ability to show their customers validation of date and times associated with different transactions at various fueling stations. It has also decreased the occurrences of vandalism. The customer plans to implement this at all of their locations to provide better oversight for each location.

Ron Dumermuth
New Philadelphia Office Sales Rep

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