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4 Tips For Choosing An Access Control System

Modern access control systems are making it easier than ever for facility managers to defend against safety threats, theft, and privacy breaches. 

But with so many tools available, knowing where to begin can be difficult. Whether you’re installing an access control system for a school, church, office, or factory, here are some tips for getting the best results.

  1. Custom solutions work best.
    Before choosing an access control system, it’s important that you take time to think through your unique security requirements. Staley Technologies installs products that can be adapted to a variety of needs. By understanding your specific situation, we’ll create a process that is easy for your employees, welcoming for your guests, and efficient for your administrators.

  2.  Plan for growth
    As your business grows or new security concerns arise, you don’t want to have to start from scratch. That’s why you should install an access control solution that can be scaled with your business. No matter where you’re at today, our products make it easy to manage additional doors or facilities as your needs change. 

  3. Get the most from your technology.
    Physical access control is often just one component of a commercial security system. Get more done by integrating access control with other technologies such as IP cameras, intercoms, or phones. Our diverse product line allows you to create efficient, user-friendly systems to manage your operations. 

  4. Understand your equipment options. 
    With so many access control products on the market, you can lose a lot of time researching the right solution for your business. From the control panel to the operating software, you want tools that are intuitive, reliable, and manageable. Whether you’re looking for a simple keypad or advanced biometric scanners, we’ll help you identify the right solutions for your specific situation.

Learn more about access control systems installed by Staley Technologies.

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