Oil and Gas

Staley Technologies has been providing our customers with business communication solutions since 1960. Our product line has expanded and we continue to offer great service. Staley Technologies was built with the customer being our first priority. Our reliable staff is eager to help your business in any way possible.


Intrinsically safe two-way radios provide communications in a protected area. These Div I, Class I radios are able to be used on the drill site and in all intrinsically safe areas. They can be combined with mobile radios and repeaters to create a wide-area network to allow communication between headquarters and well sites. Motorola’s radio network covers the Ohio oil and gas region. This provides infrastructure for a company that wants to communicate across their entire service area.

Vehicle Cell Boosters

Many areas of operation are in cell phone dead spots. Having an in-vehicle cell booster helps provide coverage where cell phone normally wouldn’t work. This can provide an additional layer of safety so a driver can communicate in an emergency. In many rural areas in Ohio these systems help oil companies stay connected.

Camera Systems

Staley Technologies can provide camera systems both at corporate buildings and well sites. Well sites can provide a unique challenge with power and environmental issues.

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