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Technology Solutions For Small Businesses

To remain competitive, Main Street businesses, medical offices, restaurants and retail locations must make smart investments in new technology. From more efficient communication to securing your building, we provide cost-effective ways to save time, improve productivity and create better customer experiences.  

As a small business owner or office manager you wear a lot of hats.  We help you be more effective through modern communication, networking and security solutions scaled to your needs.    

Whether it’s an easy-to-use phone system, access control for offices or retail surveillance cameras, you’ll benefit from our reliable equipment, technical expertise and personal customer service. 

We understand the financial constraints small businesses face and will help you select products that deliver the greatest value for your needs. Just as importantly, you can count on our locally-based team for ongoing technical support and to help you tackle new challenges as they arise. 

Contact us today to learn how better technology can help you sustain the growth of your business while meeting the needs of your customers and clients.  


1. Phone Systems

Enhance communication with customers and easily direct calls to your team.

2. Network Infrastructure

Rely on our network setup and support services to keep you connected.

3. Access Control

Protect your staff, client information and other valuables by limiting access to your space.

4. Surveillance Systems

Document suspicious activity and maintain visibility of sensitive locations when you can’t be there.

5. PA – Public Address

Make announcements and send clear messages with high-quality audio equipment.

6. Two-Way Radio

Keep the lines of communication open across your retail floor, warehouse or office space.

Staley Has You Covered

We understand the challenges small businesses face. Our technology can help you:

Serve Your Customers

Enhance Security

Manage Your Operations

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Staley Technologies provides multi-faceted solutions to help your operation run safely, smoothly, and efficiently.

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