Fire & EMS

Fire and EMS Radio and Data Systems

Working as a team, you save lives and protect the things that matter most. We keep you connected when crisis strikes. Bringing together the best in voice and data communication, our solutions give your fire and EMS personnel the information they rely on for a quick, safe and effective response. 

We understand that in an emergency situation, everything can change in an instant. So your communication tools have to be just as fast. Learn how our products for first responders can help you pull everyone together when everything’s on the line. 


1. Two Way Radio

2. Station Alerting

3. Audio/Video

Staley Has You Covered

We have helped many other law enforcement organizations and municipalities implement systems that allow for:

Clear and effective communication

Improved efficiencies

Scalability to meet your future needs

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Staley Technologies provides multi-faceted solutions to help your operation run safely, smoothly, and efficiently.

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