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Capture: Evidence-Grade Camera App

Is your team ready to make the case?

Cases can evolve in a matter of minutes. Your team’s success at catching criminals is dependent on being able to secure the proof that puts them behind bars, no matter where it is. So why struggle with delayed capture of the audio, video and images you need when time is of the essence?

Capture: Evidence-Grade Camera App Features

  • Equip everyone to investigate: Rather than risk evidence being lost, capture images, video and audio with a simple to use smartphone application that makes preserving proof in the field as easy as saving a memory of your pet at home.
  • Stay in the streets, not the station Keep the burden of management to a minimum with metadata automatically added to evidence and on-device tagging. Content is then uploaded to CommandCentral Vault for easy, immediate use.
  • Don’t sweat the security All evidentiary data is isolated from personal data making it inaccessible for tampering by other apps. Chain of custody is also established at the moment of capture so you never need to subpoena devices.
  • Deliver timely, indisputable truth Capture seamlessly and securely integrates with CommandCentral Vault, just like the rest of our camera portfolio, so you can consolidate all of your digital evidence and management workflows into a single, end-to-end experience.

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